Saturday, February 7, 2009

Skeletor was a Homophobe.

How come Duck Hunt wasn't adapted into a feature length film?
Why didn't TDK get a decent Oscar nomination?

Found an old 10p piece from 1980, the size of a £2 coin. Wonder if it's worth something.
Who was the first person to shave?
I'm a big believer that whenever you reverse in your car, you're traveling back in time.
Why were Tescos playing Rage Against the Machine at 10pm on Tuesday?
If dreaming was the same as channel surfing, I think I'd love being in a coma.

Rodney - Original BAMF.

Do porn stars get off to their own material?

Until I see it for myself, I refuse to believe that the world is not flat.
Why did mustaches go out of fashion?
The Killers live up to their name, and cannibalize their own talent.
I wish I was my pet rabbit. Every time he gets fatter, people say he gets cuter.
Why haven't talking greeting cards evolved over the past 10years?
How was Punisher: War Zone both the best and worst film of the year?

Obama broke a promise already. Hah!

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